Once again, last night I programmed my dreams with Love Goddess and Celtic Fairy Queen, Aine (pronouned Anya) and my fairies. I asked for the continuing of my inner child healing from the night before.  I think, but I am not sure, that I woke up in the middle of the night. I then went back to sleep. I woke up  again a little after 7:00am. Even though I know I  I slept, I feel very tired today as if I did not sleep at all. It was a busy night of dreams, and I strongly believe that I did some astral traveling last night.

Dream Segment #1

I dreamed that I was at my chiropractor’s house (Dr Rob). There was a long table with food and other things on it. We were expecting a big storm, and so the food was for our nourishment.  I remember raw tuna being in the refrigerator. There was another chiropractor there as well. There seemed to be a lot going on there. At one point, when I first came in the door, my purse was almost empty. I found my purse upside down on the floor by the long table with the contents strewn on the floor. I was scared I had lost my keys; however, much to my relief, I found my keys buried in my purse.

My Dream Interpretation

I feel  in my dream  that I was getting spiritually and emotionally adjusted, and I was receiving nourishment at the same time. There was a storm brewing, but I felt safe. Losing the contents to my purse is my deep seeded fear of running out of money even thought I am quite financially secure. I found my purse upside down with everything on the floor. I was relieved to find my keys and all the contents that were in my purse. It is showing me that I am unlocking the door to my inner most fear and facing them.

Dream Segment #2

I am driving my car, and I got on this dirt road which turned into a circular dirt road with no way out. I remember that there was some kind of building in which there was a snack machine there. I somehow found someone to help me maneuver my car out of that dirt road circle.

My Dream Interpretation

I am feeling like I cannot see my way out of my inner most fears; however, I once again received spiritual norishment and support  (representing the snack machine) and find my way out with the help of the powers that be. Even though I programmed my dreams for love, I have always had a sense that love and money are connected for me.

Tonight, I have decided to call in Cupid for finding my soul mate.