This past weekend, I attended the I CAN DO IT  HAY HOUSE EXPO at the Orlando Convention Center. It was =an amazing , and I loved being at the convention. I was blown away by all the wonderful Hay House Authors and speakers. I was able to experience Brian DeWeiss, John Holland, Barbara DeAngeles, Nick Ortner, Denise Linn, Carolyn Myss, Joe Dispenza,  Mike Dooley, just to name a few.  The celebration of Wayne Dyer’s life was beautiful.-especially his butterfly story.

I had to blog about MY PAST LIFE REGRESSION EXPERIENCE in Denise Linn’s workshop. Dennis Linn’s workshop for me was the most fascinating. She is one amazing phenomenal  Hay House speaker,  healer, writer, author and teacher. who I will be following. I am embarrassed to say that I had never heard of her until this weekend. She had an amazing impact on me. She teaches  “Soul Couching” and “Sacred Space” Clearing. In her seminar, she did a group past life regression. WOW!

Here is my own powerful experience of this past life regression journey for me in which I cried through the whole thing. I saw my life throughout the years and in the birth canal. I knew that I did not want to leave my past life and be born again. I felt like a victim while I was inside the birth canal almost as if I was taken too quickly. Then I was born. From there, I progressed through the years of my life.  Then I was taken to my parent’s childhoods where I comforted my mother  in her childhood while she was sitting on my lap. I let her know that she was beautiful, loveable, worthy and prosperous.  I then comforted my biological father as a child while he sat on my lap. He left when I was two. My mother remarried and my new father adopted my brother and me. I never saw him again. I felt the need to connect with my biological father in this past life regression, so I chose him. I comforted him, and let him know he was kind, honest, loving and prosperous. Then it was time to go to my past life.

I arrived in a beautiful meadow and bathed myself in divine love. I invited God to come with me into my past life. I couldn’t wait to go through the door to my past love, because on the otherside was love. I could feel that love more then I ever could before. I felt so connected in my heart, and  this love I felt was so powerful. When the door burst open to my past life,  I took off running to the love I was feeling. I found myself in the arms of a man. The next thing I know, I felt the disconnect from that love; however, I came upon my daughter, a cute little girl of about 3 years old, and I felt the connection. There was a man there, but he seemed to be in the shadows, and I sensed we were a family; however, I felt disconnected from that intense feeling of love. In this lifetime, I’ve never had children and had no maternal instincts nor the desire to have any. I am not sure what happened to us in that lifetime. I do know that I wasn’t ready to leave my family and especially that little girl.


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