At this moment in time, I am so incredible grateful for the experience I had at Tony Robbins Date With Destiny .  How can I possible describe Tony Robbins other then to say that he is one big giant 6’7″ force to be reckonned with. He was put on this earth to make a difference, and he has made a difference to trillions of people all over the world for many many years. Some are regular people like you and me, and some are famous celebrities all in the same room sharing the glory. We all blend in and connect, because we are all there for the same reason; we want change, and we want those incredible ah ha moments that shake our world and our deep down core beliefs. He has shifted and changed my life and he will yours if you choose to take that giant step into the land of Tony Robbins.

In the 9 days since Tony Robbins Date With Destiny, I have changed my POWER VIRTUES from I am love, I am fullfillment, I am gratitude to


Connection (besides love) is my word above all others. It is what I live for and strive for in my life.


I have also shifted my TOP 4 GOALS FOR THE YEAR to:



MyMISSION STATEMENT fits how I feel now to be:


 I have redone my poster twice, and it is now taped to my kitchen wall. Somehow I have a funny feeling that I am going to be changing them again to fit how I feel.

Tony showed us how to prime everyday, and I have discovered my own beautiful way to prime every morning. I cannot wait for what what my life has in store for me. I am excited! I am now seriously thinking about going back to DWD in December of 2015.

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