I have been a psychic medium since 1985. My gifts are a blessing from God, so it has always been a sore spot in me about psychics claiming to do spells on people to reunite loved ones. I see websites all over the internet claiming to reunite. loved ones. This is wrong, and very false advertising. YOU CANNOT GO AGAINST ANOTHER  PERSON’S WILL, AND YOU CANNOT MAKE THEM LOVE YOU. Yes, that person MIGHT come back and be with you but only for a short time, not because they love you and want you; but because they have been manipulated. I will give you an example. About 20 years ago, I met a gentleman who I began dating. I was purplexed, because he wasn’t someone I wanted to date. I wasn’t even attracted to him. I felt an overwhelming pull towards him, and I couldn’t seem to resist him. This man was an alcoholic and on a very downward spiral.  One day, months after we started seeing each other, he broke down and confessed that  he had been lighting candles to place a spell on me, so I would want him. . I was very angry with him, because he was going against my will. Yes, I was drawn to him, but I DID NOT WANT HIM. I abruptly ended that relationship and moved on. When you try to manipulate another person, it can backfire on you.

Everyone has their own inner God center inside of them where they can go for help, support and advice. I’ve said this before-you do not have a spell on you.. It is your inner beliefs from childhood that hold you back from the things you desire and want; and in this case, I am talking about love and relationships.  Here are three powerful examples of how YOU can clear away YOUR OWN inner blockages.

Example #1  -Meditation  can be very relaxing, and doing meditation on a daily basis can guide you through some really tough times

Example #2  -Calling in the Angels and Archangels into your dreams while you sleep  to heal your inner blockages.

Example #3 – Repeat Affirmations. Affirmations are powerful statements that you repeat over and over again to create what you want in your life.