Although there are many aspects to me,  I love being “naked”, and I love the word “naked”. Yes, I know, that the word “naked” MIGHT have a sexual connotation for many people; however, I personally prefer the word “naked” better then the word “nude”. The word “nude” is a camoflaged meaning for being “naked”. The word “naked” has a much stronger meaning than the word “nude”. Being naked means that I FEEL FREE to express the beautiful naked spirit within me – the me that doesn’t need to “cover up” and hide my  flaws and imperfections. Now, what you see is what you get. For some women (as well as men), being “naked” or “nude” has a sexual connotation. In a non nudist world, you only get naked in front of one person when you want to be intimate (or more then one depending on your preferences); whereas in the world of a nudist, it means feeling the freedom of being who you are (your authentic self) without wearing clothes without a facade. It means no encumbrances.

The beginning of the discovery of the naked me and this beautiful nudist lifestyle began in the Summer of 1976.  This nude beach experience brought out the Free Spirit in me  Check out my youtube video on my. It my Free Spirit is here to stay forever. Check out my video on first nude beach experience. Please keep in mind that my website has been moved to .