IMG_1154Taken June, 2016

This is a  true story that I have never shared. In fact, I was way too embarrassed to share it. It goes back to when I was 38 years old (27 years ago).  I am now 65.  I am sharing it to let you know that before you go to a holistic doctor or any other kind of doctor, DO YOUR RESEARCH ON THEM.

My friend, Elaine, and I went to an Irridologist  in Los Angeles just for the hell of it.  I am a very sensitive and very suggestible person, and I allowed that irridologist to literally change and affect my physical health and my personal life.  He told me that in 2 years exactly ( when I was 39 years old), I would die of lung cancer and colon cancer. Now, mind you, I was in perfect health at the time. I had such an anxiety attack in his office that they had to lay me on the floor to calm me down. I couldn’t even breathe.  After that for a couple of years, I would not date, because I thought and believed that I was going to die. He had the nerve to call my friend and ask her two years later if I was still alive. She said yes that I was alive and well. 

Two years later to the exact date, I came down with a cold and then a cough that lasted for a year. I went to many doctors and had many tests performed on me, and they could not find anything wrong with me. It was finally determined that I had bronchial spasms. To this day, if I have a cold, I get a cough that lasts for a long time. I do have some minor stomach issues that began at that time as well. Some doctors have even insinuated after giving me a barage of tests  that my stomach problems were in my head. Embarrassingly enough, they were right. I am blessed that this irridologist’s  predictions never came true.  I am a pretty healthy 65 year old gal.  I pray that he hasn’t hurt anyone else with his assumptions along the way.

7/23/16 – I went for a Reiki Healing regarding my cough, and he had me burn a piece of paper with the Irridologist’s  name on it. The cough has reduced drastically. That night, I had a dream about two cockroaches. I killed them.

8/30/16 – My cough has come back, so there is obviously more emotional stuff to work on with this cough. Stay tuned, and I will keep you updated.

This is why as a psychic I do not dwell on the negative when reading my clients.  I ALWAYS focus on the positive and show them how to turn negative thought patterns and beliefs into positive shifts. I made a pact with God years ago that if I was going to accept my psychic gifts, he would not  allow me to see death or illness. Too many so-called psychics, etc. dwell on the negative to scare their clients.

I am loved and protected by God, and I AM FUCKING ALIVE AND HEALTHY. Thank you God.