I am a huge believer in repeating affirmations everyday. Affirmations are powerful statements that I repeat over and over again to create the situation I desire to experience. Affirmations have proven to transform my love life, because when I speak my future, I create the future I desire. Affirmations have transformed my life, so they can transform yours.


I grew up with a certain belief system that I didn’t deserve love or affection. My mother was affectionately aloof and critical and my father seemed emotionally distant. I realize now that it was the upbringing of my mother and my father (each different) that created their beliefs about themselves; which were instilled in me. I did not feel loveable or accepting of myself, so my affirmation to repeat became: I AM FEELING LOVEABLE, CHERISHED AND TREASURED. I choose to repeat that affirmation over and over again 1/2 to 1 hour a day for 21-30 days. If a belief is deeply instilled in you and your inner child, it is impossible for the affirmation to be effective if you repeat it a mere few times.


Today, I am focusing on I AM affirmations, because they are the most powerful and profound words you will ever speak in your lifetime. I AM affirmations go straight into your belief system.YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE, so the more you repeat an I AM affirmation, the more it sinks it and the more you believe it. You must always repeat in the present tense as if it is already happening to you. Look deep within yourself and you inner child and write down what you feel is missing within you that prevents you from being in a loving relationship, and then begin your affirmation with I AM…… with the very things that you are feeling that are missing within you.


Many people say that they don’t have time to repeat affirmations, but I beg to differ. My morning ritual is to repeat affirmations in the shower and while I am getting ready for my day. I even enjoy repeating them even when I am driving in the car.


1.      I am loveable, and I know it.

2.  I am  melting into the heart & soul of my lover & He is melting into me.

3.  I am filled with perfect and radiant love.

4.  I am attracting a perfect and forever love to me now.

5.  I am ready for new and lasting love NOW.

6.  I am a magnet for love or I am a love magnet.

7.  I am in a loving and passionate relationship with my soul mate.

8.  I am a magnet for loving  loving relationships.

9.  I am freely and easily giving and receiving love.

10. I am freeing the sexy superstar within me.

11. I am coming alive with the beautiful energy of the Goddess within me.

12. I am sexy and I know it. 

13. I am a diva and I know it.

14. I am thankful for all this love I feel in my heart and in my life. Thank you God.

15. I am thankful for all the love that I am able to give and receive.

16. I am thankful for all the love is in my life.

17. I am worthy of being loved.

18. I am magnetically loveable.

19. I am seeing, feeling and believing in the love and beauty within me.

20. I am divinely drunk with the energy of love.

21. I am irrisistible to my soul mate.

22. I am loved.

23. I am loved by the most incredible man/woman in the universe. (let the universe find you deep love)

24. I am emotionally available.

25. I am the perfect partner for my perfect partner.

26. I am the perfect soul mate for my soul mate.

27. I am attracting romance into my life in the most unexpected and magical ways.

28. I am attracting perfect love into my life in the post unexpected and magical ways.

29. I am a love magnet.

30. I am attracting handsome single available men to me all the time.

31. I am attracting beautiful single available women to me all the time.

32. I am surrounded by the Angels of Love and passion.

33. I am divinely experiencing an abundance of love and passion in my life.

34. I am the most eligible and irrisistible bachelor (or bachelorette) on the planet.

35. I am already connected to my future soul mate & he is swiftly approaching.

36. I AM filled with pure divine sexy love.

37. I am sexy and I know it.

38. I am divinely sensual.

39. I am loved, wanted and adored by _______.

40. I am experiencing a forever love between ____ and me.

41. I am an unlimited magnificent goddess that deserves to be loved.

42. I am a magnificent soul that deserves to be loved.

43. I am willing to receive all of the love that is coming to me now.

44. I am willing to receive a man who really loves me.

45. I am already connected deeply to my life partner, and I receive that partner now.

46. I am a sexy force to be reconed with.

47. I am unforgettable and irresistible.

48. I am open to love, and I receive my beloved now

49. I am magnificent. I am amazing. I am unforgettable. I am awesome.

50. I am the Queen Of Hearts & my King Of Hearts is on his way.

51. I am the King of Hearts & my Queen of Hearts is on her way.

53. I am feeling emotionally & sexually alive.

54. I am a sensual seductress.

55. I am a super sexy heart throb

56. I am a love finder. (as opposed to a fault finder)

57. I am now attracting emotionally available men (or women) into my life.

58. I am deep love. 

59.I am overflowing with infinite love.

60. I am opening my heart, mind, body and soul to love.

61. I am raising my love condition.

62. I am feeling love flowing through my heart.

63. I am experience love in every aspect of my life.

64. I am the love of my life.

65. I am worthy of being loved.

66. I am feeling worthy of being loved.

67. I am experiencing divinely sensual and sexually amazing days.

68.I am ready for a dreamy romantic adventure.

69.I am in the most extraordinary relationship with the most  extraordinary man/woman.

70.I am a sex kitten. MEOW

71.I am beautiful (or handsome) in the eyes of my beloved.

72.I am ready for the love of my life to be in my life.

73.I am easy to love. 74. I am experiencing easy breazy love.

74.I am ready for a new beginning in love.

75.I am married to my best friend.

76.I am fearless in my quest for love.

77.I am committed to being in an extraordinary relationship with the love of my life by__________. (state the date you expect this to happen by).

79.I am a beautiful sexy force to be reconned with.

80.I am willing to release my fears about being in a committed relationship.

81.I am touched by love every second of everyday.

82.I am experiencing miracles in my love life right now.

83.I am connected in my heart to everything and everybody.

84.I am feeling connected to my heart.

85.I am in love.

86.I am lucky in love.

87.I am a juicy and sexually fullfilled Goddess.

88.I am ready for a deep loving committed relationship.

89. I am affectionately loved.

90. I am feeling deeply loved, treasured and cherished.

91. I am loved, wanted, cherished and desired beyond belief.

92. I am a product of God’s love and vision of perfection.

93. I am safe in the arms of my beloved soul mate.

94. I am pure divine love.

95. I am adorable, fabulous and magnificent, and no man (or woman) can resist my charm.

96.  I am a great catch.

97.  I am divinely irresistible to my soul mate.

98.  I am pure divine passion. I am pure divine love. I am pure divine sensuality.

99   I am pure divine love.

100. I am so divinely awesome that no man (woman) can resist my charm.

101. I am an irresistible sexy soul.

102. I am divine.