Unfortunately, I did not sleep all Tuesday night.  I had been having some very powerful, insightful, amazing psychic and healing dreams, but  they were way too intense and left me exhausted with very little sleep with all the energy that I had been putting out while sleeping and dreaming.  I intuitively suddenly realized in the middle of the night that the culprit that was stimulating and enhancing the intensity of my dreams was non other than a long piece of selenite that looked like a wand. Selenite tends to intensify the energies of the crystals around it. I was having a lot of intense psychic dreams that were getting more and more intense and freaky as the days went on.

In the middle of the night, I stuck the selenite on my screened in patio and closed the sliding glass door. I praying that my beautiful fairies would be able to sleep that night. In the morning, I put the selenite in the trunk of my car until my girlfriend, Donna, could pick it up. She wanted it, and she can sleep through anything. Without the selenite, I took a nap that day and felt a sense of peace come over me.

I called Karen Contier in the morning. She and her husband, Larry, are experts on the use of crystals, and they travel to Brazil and other places to purchase their crystals. I met both of them at the Divine Wisdom Retreat in Phoenix, Arizona in June, and Karen brought her beautiful crystals to the Gateway Dream Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico. I did not buy the selenite from her. I bought it from a mineral store a couple blocks away from the retreat. Karen worked with me on the phone yesterday to help me in resolving my lack of sleep and freaky dream issue. Soon after talking to her, I turned off the phone and took a nap. While I was sleeping, she had called and texted me some pictures of suggested crystals. She was tuning into me while testing different crystals on me without me knowing it while I was sleeping. She didn’t know I was sleeping either. I felt warm and cozy, and the energy was beautiful. I have NEVER been able to sleep during the day, and I managed to get a few hours in. I found out later what she was doing while I was sleeping.  

I purchased Howlite from her for sleeping and peaceful energy and a different kind of selenite. She said to put the Howlite on top of the selenite on my dream alter. I will take a picture of my dream alter once the Howlite arrives. To be continued…….