Pink Ouija Boards

 I recently read an article where  companies are selling pink Quija Boards geared towards 8 year old little girls. WRONG! Ouja Boards are very dangerous. They can creative havoc and bring in negative spirits. I KNOW! Let me tell you about my experiences with OuijaBoards.

 In the mid to late 70’s,, my then neighbor and I used to play with the Ouija Board. At the time, she was very pregnant. It kept telling her that there was something wrong with her baby. As it turned out,  her baby had quite a few health problems when she was born. Thank God today she is alive and well, but at that time her husband was furious with me. He blamed me for her health problems. Time heals all wounds. Thank God.

 About 30 years ago, I  was into playing with the Ouiji Board alone.  What I didn’t realize was that when I played with the Quiji Board, I brought in negative spirits. I didn’t protect myself. As a psychic, I HAVE ALWAYS called for the spirits who were in the light and with God to channel for me; but it did not occur to me to do that with a Ouiji Board. I do not know why.

What happened was that late at night when I was the most relaxed and vulnerable, scarey things began to happen. The lights would go on and off, my bedding would flow through the air and black dots would dance around my bedroom  among other things. Yes, it was pretty scarey, but at the time I did not realize that it was due to the Ouija Board. One evening,  I had a client who had booked a reading with me. When she walked into my house, she looked around and said ” there are bad spirits in here”. She walked into my bedroom, and I followed her. My bedroom was ice cold. She said “They are in here”. Then she walked into my livingroom, and said “and they are in that drawer”. What she didn’t know was that I kept my Ouija Board in that drawer. I  immediately  took it out and threw it in a dumpster. I NEVER used a Quija Board again.