I was recently interviewed by someone and when I first realized that I had psychic abilities, and i realized how my past life effected my childhood and my adult life. Here is a brief synopsis of what I shared, and I have also added more information while writing this blog.

I was born with a memory of a past life, and since childhood I have been working through my karmic lessons. As a child from the time I was 6 years old until I was 18 years old my childhood home I experienced constant dejavu every single day many many times a day,. It was especially intense in the doorway to the bathroom and in front of the bathroom mirror. I never shared this with anyone as long as I lived in the house. I started having visions of my past life; and although I did not know how to put it into words, I knew it was a past life. I even knew her name, what she looked like, how she died, etc. As I got older, I could see why I was in this lifetime. I was a very beautiful woman who used men for money in that lifetime. I had beautiful long luxurious hair in that lifetime. I remembered as a child the beautiful brush from that lifetime that I used to see her brushing her hair in the mirror. In this lifetime I have struggled with my hair. My mother used to dye and straighten my hair on the same day one after another, and my hair got shorter and shorter. It took  many many years for my hair to begin to grow again.I know now that my mother was one of my lovers in that past lifetime.  I have struggled with guilt about having money in this lifetime. I have also had relationship issues in this lifetime as well, but haven’t we all..
God put me on this planet to clear up my karma, so he gave me my psychic abilities. which I treasure, cherish and value as a gift from God. I use my abilities wisely. In my past life (lives) I abused my abilities. It was not until we moved from that house when I was 18 that I began to flourish, grow and evolve. My psychic abilities grew stronger after a brief marriage, and when I began my life as an adult. I focus on love and relationships, because I know that God wants me to work with my clients in helping them find love.
A number of years ago, I did research on who lived in the house prior to us. The house was built in 1948, and we moved into it in 1957. I found out after finally asking the neighbors who I am still in touch with who lived in the house before us.  I was told that there was a teenager who lived in that house, but I was unable to find out much information about her. I went to Westchester High School in Los Angels, but every time, we would drive by Inglewood High School, I would feel dejavu all over again. I knew that if I walked in that school I would know where everything was.
I strongly believe that we find the homes, countries, states, cities, towns, etc. where we are supposed to learn and grow from our karmic lessons. Some locations are not so good and others are perfect. I moved on a whim from Southern California where I lived all my life to Florida where I did not know many people, but deep down inside I knew I belonged here, and when I arrived I experienced synchronicity.
One of my favorite psychic gifts (aside from soul mate and twin flame readings)  is to be able to let people know where they are supposed to live through specific addresses, specific streets, specific cities,  specific towns, specific countries, etc.that my clients furnish me with. Are there karmic lessons to be learned where they are living now? The answers will be revealed in a reading from me.