I feel very strongly about the subject of past lives. I strongly believe that when we die we don’t really die.  Our souls go into another body, and we begin again. I believe we have many lessons to learn. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt of a past life which has strongly influenced this life and the karma I’ve had to experience from that lifetime.
I grew up in Westchester, a suburb of Los Angeles. I used to get dejavu feelings in the home I grew up in all the time-particularly in the bathroom and the bathroom doorway. I know now beyond a shadow of a doubt that God gave me the knowledge of that past lifetime in order to give me a “jumpstart on my karma recovery for this life time. I was acutely aware of who I was before I incarnated into this body. I knew what my soul’s name was in that past life, and I knew when I died. As I started working on myself in my mid to late 20’s, her name erased from memory banks, but I never forgot those dejavu feelings and the memory of her. I knew that in that lifetime I was a beautiful girl with long luxurious hair, and I used my beauty to my benefit. I also knew that I hurt a lot of guys in the process. I knew I was selfish and benefited monatarily because of my beauty.
In this lifetime, I have always had issues with my hair; so it really makes sense about the dejavu and visions of that past life, especially when I was brushing my hair. I was constantly bullied in school, so my mother thought that the kids would stop teasing me if she dyed and straightened my hair all at once . I was 13.
Whenever I would pass Inglewood High School, I would get Dejavu feelings even though I had never set foot in that school. I went to Westchester High School. As long as I lived in that house, I was miserable and unhappy. I was bullied and made fun of all through elementary, junior high and high school. When I was 18, our family moved 1 1/2 hours away, and my life changed for the better. I literally felt lighter and freer once that happened.
 Boy falling in love
I believe in love karma-negative and positive, and that we bring our soul mates from one lifetime after another. We have many soul mates in our lifetime, and they are called Karmic Relationships. One very significant memory of a past lifetime occurred sometime in 1985/1986. I went to a business networking breakfast, looked in this man’s eyes and memories of a past life immediately flooded me.  I’ll never forget his eyes I remember both of us shaking in our seats, and both of us dropping forks spoons and alike.  Through inquiries, I found out he was married, so I knew I could never pursue him.  He and I did eventually go to dinner one night, because the intense energy between us was so strong; but we both knew enough not to pursue it.
  One night I was reading a book about past lives and soul mates. I cannot remember the exact name of the book  I was reading at the time, but it could have been Soul Mates & Past Lives;  but all  of a sudden, while reading it, I was flooded with vivid memories of him as if I were watching a movie in my head.  I was somewhere like Salem. I was accussed of being a witch, and I remember HE was on the City Council, and we were lovers. He betrayed me. I remember how I burst into his office screaming at him for his accusations. In this life, he was (and I am sure still is)  married to another psychic. Very interesting, don’t you think? I never told him about my visions. I just avoided him after that.

Do you feel a special connection to someone? Perhaps you are soul mates.


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