I have blogged about a specific past live before in which I was born with the memory of and vividly remembered  as a small child and as a teenager growing up  the woman I was. At the Gateway Dream Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a couple of week ago, I experienced a powerful past life regression in which I connected with the woman I was in this past life.

This past life became much more significant and very clear to me when we moved into our house when I was 6 years old. I lived there until I was 18 years old. During the whole time I lived there, I experienced de ja vu feelings constantly, on a daily basis, especially in the doorway to the bathroom and in front of the bathroom sink mirror. I never shared these de ja vu feelings with anyone until I became an adult. Once we moved from that house, the memories of her name and her (death) gravesite  faded. I have, however, never forgotten who I was in that lifetime and the karma that I brought with me from that lifetime. I knew that I lived in that house before or at least on the land. We moved into the house in 1957. I discovered within the last 10 years that the house was built in 1947.

As long as I lived in that house, I was unhappy. There was a heaviness inside of me that I could not explain. I isolated myself, because everyone made fun of me and bullied me. I did not know how or wish to defend myself. I felt like I deserved their treatment from issues in this lifetime and also that lifetime.  I never shared my inner most fears, grief, fear and sadness with anyone; not even with my family. I knew I was living out the karma from that past lifetime. SHE was a beautiful woman with very long beautiful luxurious hair. She had a special brush that she brushed her hair with. She used her looks and beauty to attract men and used them for their money. When I was 12 or 13 years old, my mother, thinking that it would stop the bullying, decided to die and straighten my hair on the same day. She did it on a regular basis, and I let her. From that point on, it was no longer my hair. My hair started thinning and falling out, and it took many many years to grow, but ever so slowly. I have always known that the hair I had as a child and a little bit now is from the karma of that lifetime.  I have had my own personal issues with money and relationships ever since; however, in this lifetime, I am here to serve and help others.

We moved from that house when I was 18, and I experienced an instantaneous lightening up of my soul, and my life changed for the better.

In this past life regression,  I had a major breakthrough. I was taken to the lifetime that I remember.  She was a bully herself, and used her energy and beauty to get what she wanted. She and I connected in a beautiful way when she went through the light once she passed. She apologized profusely to me for what she had done in that lifetime and for what she had put me through in this lifetime, because of her behavior. I forgave her and accepted her apology; then we held eachother and magnificently we became one. POWERFUL!