Well here I about to be 63 years old in April, and I am still single. I never thought that when I divorced my ex husband at 21 years old that I would still be single, BUT I AM. I remember when I told a family friend who must have been in her 50’s or 60’s at the time that I was getting a divorce, she screamed NO! She apparently had been married at a young age and had never remarried. I thought at the time how silly she was to be so upset. I had no doubt that would would I get married again. Forty two years later…….

NOW, I feel no need to get married. Whatever for? I don’t plan on sharing my fabulous fortune (hahahaha).  I do actually enjoy my own company, and I have noone to tell me what to do. I do, however, miss the connection of intimacy and closeness on a consistent basis. Commitment sounds wonderful as long as we have separate bathrooms, our bedroom and then his and her bedrooms (just in case). When I was younger, I dated men much much older then me (20-30 years older). The reason being was that I knew I didn’t want children and men in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s usually don’t want children. I have never felt that maternal instinct. 

Now I am looking to about  6 years younger and MAYBE 6 years older, because I want a man who still can have  erections. I DO NOT want a man who has one foot in the grave; because if I went 20-30 years older now, they would be in their 80’s and 90’s. SHUDDERING. I hate to think that just because I am about to be 63 that I might never have sex again.

OY VEY!!!!  Scarey thought.

I am not the kind of gal who has sex just for the sake of having sex. I think I mentiond before in another blog post. I make love with my emotionsI  and once my emotions kick in, I get turned on. I have been that way for a huge chunk of my life. I am ALWAYS horny for a heart connection. When I was younger, I was much more sexually active, but now I feel like I have grown and evolved considerable over the last 43 years since my divorce. To be continued…..