I had such a great dream last night, in which I also started  lucid dreaming in it. I programmed my dreams with Archangel Ariel and Archangel Chamuel for removing obstacles and blockages to achieving greater prosperity and for an increase in income for myself.  I specified a certain amount of income. I dreamed that I was selling cars in a car dealership and a Spanish speaking couple walked in.  Even though they did not speak English, I sold them a car anyway without a problem.They were coming in to pick up their car the following Friday (in a week). I found out it was their wedding anniversary the day they were picking up the car, so I decided to help them celebrate when they came in to pick up the car the following week by getting them a cake. I called someone in the office on the phone to discuss it with them, and I overheard his discussion on the phone. I could hear him saying that I was mad at him. I also saw 3 little tiny dogs with hearts on them running around the office. There were two toilets (one clean and one dirty) in the office by this woman’s desk. I used the clean one.

 I intentionally started lucid dreaming. I was so excited, because while lucid dreaming I projected that I had just sold 10 cars in one day. I also started repeating  money affirmations (I AM WILDLY WEALTHY) while I was lucid dreaming and getting chills while repeating them. The wonderful thing is that I am so easily able to lucid dream these days.

Archangel Ariel guides us when we ask for prosperity, and she can help us open up to receive money from unexpected and expected sources. Archangel Chamuel can help us find lost money and helps us to clear up the confusion which could be blocking the flow of our prosperity. In my dream, cars to me felt like a status symbol, and for me it represents a mind shift in my feelings about money. The couple not speaking English showed me that I can overcome obstacles and blockages to greater prosperity. The wedding anniversary was definitely a cause for celebration. As for the man saying I was mad at him, that  definitely represented my brother. We have had a tiny little disagreement in our beliefs about money recently, and yes there might be some not so happy feelings between us at the moment. The tiny little dogs with hearts on them TO ME represented tiny little obstacles; however, there were hearts on them. TO ME  it meant that with a little love, these obstacles can be resolved. TO ME, choosing between a dirty toilet and a clean toilet  meant that issues with money are being cleansed in my mind.

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