As a psychic, I have had many calls over the years from clients and potential clients devistated over the fact that they had lost thousands of dollars to psychics who turned out to be gypsys and stole all their money.  A couple of days ago, however, I had the strangest call of all from a man with a very strange request. He said he had a premonition that if he sent me money, he would not lose all of his money. It blew my mind that he left himself wide open for one of those fake psychics to jump right in there and take advantage of him. These so called psychics will claim to bless their money; then when the victim sends them all their money, they never see their money again. Some have lost their life savings. He seemed kind of slow, and it made me so angry that he would allow himself to be so vulnerable. I explained to him that he had to be very careful when calling psychics. I am not that way, and that I wasn’t going to let him send me his money.  He got angry and called me a bitch. I tried……..