Romantic Love is a beautiful God given gift given to each and everyone of us at birth to later experience as an adult.  First, in order for us to feel fullfilled in this lifetime, our heart really needs to feel love, receive love, experience love and give love. Sometimes, however, childhood issues get in the way of our direct path to healthy romantic love.  A heart that is covered in grief, anger, emotional pain, fear, rejection, abandonment, etc. cannot experience romantic love in it’s true form. We all want to experience “connection’ as the ultimate fullfillment with someone spiritually, emotionally and sexually.  First and foremost, before we can love another, we must love ourselves; otherwise, we can attract mirrors of ourselves and our love life can be a revolving door of unworthy men or women undeserving of our love.. This pattern must stop in order for us to have the beautiful romantic love we deserve. We need to resolve what is covering our hearts in order for us to feel and be fullfilled in a loving soul mate loving  relationship.

Imagine yourself falling asleep in the arms of your future beloved.-your future soul mate. How do YOU feel? Safe? Warm? Loved? Wanted?  OR  do you fear fearful and disconnected? Can you picture him or her in your mind’s eye? Your future beloved/your soul mate is waiting for you to open up your heart, mind, body and soul to him or her.

Some people believe that we only have  one soul mate to experience the ultimate romantic love with, but that is so not true. We have experienced many lifetimes and many soul mates in the process and evolution of lifetime after lifetime . If one soul mate door closes, we can manifest a new and even healthier soul mate love relationship. If you have experienced first love, you can experience second love just like the first love. Some years ago, I repeated Marianne Williamson’s Fear Of Intimacy prayer from her book Illuminata, and I fell in love a second time just like the first timel.

The power is within each and everyone of us .

Here is the beautiful prayer from Marianne Williamson’s book Illuminata. Repeat this prayer everyday for 15 minutes or so.

Dear God,
Please show me how to love.
Teach me how to extend my light into the life of another.
Remove the barriers to my soul, the walls which stand in front of my heart,
My commitment to aloneness,
My resistances to joining.
I do not seek love, dear God, for I know it is all around me.
I seek instead the healing of my resistances to it, the strengthening of my spirit;
That I might learn to love, to love well, to love fully, to love deeply.
When my true love calls, dear Lord,
Please keep my ears open.
Let me not shut down.
Let me not forsake him.
Let me always remember that his call to love him is my call to love You.
Thank You very much.


Don’t let another month, season or year go by without attracting a beautiful soul mate relationship filled with love, passion and romance. If you are going through a great loss, rejection, ending of a relationship, know that YOU have more than one soul mate relationship. We all do. If one soul mate relationship doesn’t work out, someone new and even better will come in to steal your heart.

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