As a child, I lost myself in my mother’s beliefs about life and her own  rules for love, sex and romance that she developed from her own childhood. It took me a long time to figure life, love and sex out on my own, and I am still figuring it out at almost 65, (next week April 12). I am truly grateful to myself for having the courage to look into my inner mirror and decide “who I was and who I wasn’t”, and then throw out what wasn’t working for me.  I certainly wasn’t my dominating mother (RIP) who constantly worried about what people thought and about always having to be  perfect, and I certainly wasn’t my father (RIP) who allowed my mother to dominate and rule the roost.

TODAY, I am developing my own rules of what “perfection” is, and I have developed my own relationship rule book on how I deal with love, sex and romance; after all, noone knows me better then myself.  Am I breaking all the rules? YES I AM, AND PROUD OF IT! !  I got tired of living by other people’s rules and beliefs about love, sex and romance. There is no right or wrong way to be your true authentic self in dating and in a relationship.

I AM PROUD, FABULOUS AND PINK. I had the courage to live my own unique life outside of most people’s guidelines. I drive a hot pink car, my home is pink with wall to wall hot pink carpet, I have pink streaks through my hair, and I dress young and funky. Some people say that I remind them of Betsey Johnson, the fabulous, fun and funky clothing designer. I love her.

You’re not supposed to call a guy?  You’re supposed to wait for HIM to call you?  SCREW THAT RULE! So who wrote that rule way back when? Did it begin when Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone?  The rules for courting to this day are the same as they were before the phone-only now we text, phone, facebook , tweet and email eachother, and we wait for HIM to call us. To hell with courting and being proper. Throw all caution to the wind and be who you are; and then let your love life evolve naturally. You know your boundaries and what is right and wrong for yourself; and if not, you will learn  VERY quickly through the challenges of writing your own rule book of love, sex and romance, and through the wisdom of your heart, mind, body and soul. There is also no perfect rule book. Love is what you make it, and what you do from what you learn from it.

Ok so now go within and look at the relationship rulebook you are currently going by for love, sex and romance. Is it yours? Is it your grandparent’s? Is it your mother’s? Is it your father’s. Is it your spouse’s? Is it your significant other’s? Is it your ex lover’s?  Is it your best friend’s?  Is it your siblings? If you can’t live your own life  and let your own heart embrace your own inner truth and rules for yourself,  how  are you going to know what relationship rules are right for you? If you are too afraid to live in alignment with your own rules that are true for you, you won’t attract a partner who wants to live in alignment with them either. Remember, like attracts like and fear attracts fear.  Rigid attracts rigid and carefree and uninhibited attracts carefree and uninhibited. We are all unique individuals,, and there is no right or wrong for the relationship rule book that we “write, create and manifest” for ourselves.

We grow, we learn, we change, and we evolve at any age even at 64 almost 65. For some, my age my seem  old to you; however,  It’s never too late to be the YOU that you have always wanted to be. Let’s vow to be happy instead of living someone else’s version of happiness. At almost 65, I am excited to continually be growing, learning and evolving.

As a psychic medium and psychic love coach, I never tell anyone what to do in their relationships. (unless he/she is being physically abused). I just provide the answers to the questions that are gnawing at their soul. The rest is up to them.

Writing your own relationship rulebook does not guarantee marriage; however, if you’re ready to write your love, sex and romance rules and rediscover your own unique freedom of expression in matters of love, then here is my offer for you.

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