If you ask someone the meaning of sensuality, their meaning could be completely different from yours. I believe that all of existence is sensual. Being sensual is connecting to the spiritual part of your self-digging deeper and seeing what’s underneath the surface of YOU.  I believe within the very depths of my soul that I am sensual, and we all know that we become what we believe.

Sensual could be the way you gaze into someone’s eyes, or seducing them with a special wink or smile. or the way you touch someone’s hand. Sensuality is a feeling within you. It helps you to get in touch with your feelings.

I believe that everything tangible and non tangible is energy. Water is energy. The rivers, the streams, the oceans, the mountains,the earth, the trees, etc. are all energy; and, therefore, they are all sensual. A chair can be sensual. What you desire to be sensual, is sensual. It is your perception and your connection with your own sensuality that helps you to determine what is sensual.

Money is energy. Sensuality is the ability to feel and seduce all that is energy. The energy of money can be quite sensual,and yes you can seduce money just like you can seduce the person/object of your affection. When you feel connected to money everything falls into place. You feel more emotionally and sensually alive, and you become more productive and more empowered. Sensuality stimulates you to new heights in manifesting money and whatever you desire in your life.

I am the founder of many reiki attunements having to do with getting in touch with your sensuality. Here are a couple of them.