Have I got the perfect Valentines Day Gift For You for your lover, sweetheart, soul mate, best friend, etc.  Please watch my youtube video. and share it with your friends and lovers.

Without affirmations, I don’t know where I would be today. God blessed me with the ability and knowledge to help others, and since 1985, I have done just that as a Psychic Medium, Soul Communicator and Psychic Love Coach.  Sexy Love Affirmations, my published book also available in ebook format,  evolved out of my desire  and purpose to help men and women achieve there deepest love, sex and romantic desires. It is an affirmation book written  like aa cookbook in the form of sexy recipes, and it is compiled from my own personal dating experiences, my experiences as a professional love psychic and matchmaker, my fascination with tantra and the relationship workshops that I have taken..

In this book, I will take you step by step in creating your soul mate and then show you how to keep him/her happy in and out of the bedroom with my wonderful fun recipes for romance and great sex.

Do you know what kind of lover you are? There are 24 different kinds of lovers all relating to food. Learn how to transform your lover from a Crumb Cake Lover into a Gourmet Lover.

Remember to  be mysterious and mystical. Keep them guessing. Enchant them with your inner magical power. They will always want to come back for more.

Paperback Version

Ebook Version