Last night, I programmed my dreams with Roman Goddess Venus  and Angel Mihael into my dreams. Venus is the the goddess of love, sex, fertility and beauty. Mihael is the Angel of lasting love and soul mates.  I asked both of them to guide me into the arms of  the perfect soul mate relationship for me, and  I asked for an uninhibited relationship where we could equally express ourselves.    I woke up just before 6am from the following dream:

It felt like singles night in my dreams. I was at some kind of singles get together.  Somehow, I got on a video conference call with my ex boyfriend, (J), from 2004. On the video call, he was talking about where he was going to be and who he was going to stay with. He did mention a woman’s name (Maggie I think).  He knew I was on the video conference call; and even though he was trying to keep it together, he was emotional as he was talking.  I wasn’t even sure why I was on the video conference call with him.  I felt like there were others on this video conferencing call as well, and this was definitely an Astral Visit.

Also at this singles event,  there was a trip being planned that I was a part of.  I am feeling like the trip was to Europe. All I wanted to do was get back to my room, so that I could call my girlfriends and tell them I saw (J), and  to share something else with them (can’t remember that part). I was going to go back to my room at 7:00, but then I found out there was a singles event at 9, so I decided not to go back to my room. There were some very handsome men there, and they were looking at me. One nice looking man caught my attention, and I got his attention. It feels like I was traveling, perhaps on a cruise.



(J) and I had our issues; and when we broke up, it was quite sudden. I was devistated.  We were both trying to forget our exes; so as a result, we were both rebounding. In the six months that we were together, I was going with the motions of being in a commited relationship, but I was definitely holding myself back on all levels.  I was not the “free me”  me that I was accustomed to being.  I was deeply hurting from the relationship before him, and he was deeply hurting from a woman he lived with for 15 years. She suddenly ended it.   It took me years to get over (J); however, I have been over him for a long time. What I am not over is how he treated me, and I have not found anyone old fashioned like him since then. Being treated like a Goddess and spoiled like a princess is quite a hard act to follow.  Most men do not go to the extent that he did to show me I was worthy and loved. I have never seen or heard from him in 12 years, which is wonderful, since it helped me to let go of him. Seeing him emotional on the phone, reminded me of the day we broke up and how we were both crying.

Funny thing, when we broke up, I threw the picture of us in our Halloween costumes in my office closet.  I had thought about throwing it away once or twice over the years , but I had no idea where in my closet it was.  The first thing I did when I got up this morning was go straight to that closet. I found the picture immediately. For some reason, the frame would not open, so  I could tear up the picture and keep the frame.  The picture with the frame then went into the trash. Now I remember that he gave me the frame.

For me, the past is over, and it is now time to take on my new “Sexy Single Goddess” identity. The identity that I am open, free and ready for a new relationship is now me. I feel like the video was me looking into the past, so that I could release whatever remnents I had left of that relationship.   The time 9:00 represents completion to me and releasing old relationships and beliefs.  I wanted to go to my room and hide at 7:00, but chose not to and stayed at the singles event and put myself out there.


Dreams between 5 and 7am have to do with things that are cluttering or clogging up our lives. Among other things, dreams from the past tend to occur.  The interesting thing about this is that I am right now at this moment in time in the process of totally declutter and clearing my office of the “old stuff”. I have given a lot of things away to the Salvation Army, and I am continuing to do so.  Just yesterday,  I had a professional shredding company come out and shred files, etc. that have been hidden in my cabinets for years that I no longer needed. About a week ago, while purging out my  bedroom closet, I found our “old costumes”, and they went to the Salvation Army.


I know the number 9 in dreams means completion. According to the website, “Angel Number 9 may be indicating that it is time to end a phase, situation or relationship that is no longer serving you in a positive way. Rest assured that ‘new’ will enter your life that will enhance and benefit your life and lifestyle in many ways. Prepare yourself today as there is much work for you to do”.

UPDATE – I was on a cruise February, 2017. I held a sign in front of the dining room at dinners saying “singles”. I collected all the singles, and we sat together at dinner every night.