Soul sex is a  profoundly  deep exchange of beautiful connected energy. It is when the soul of another “touches” our soul  or when we are present and connected in body, mind and spirit  to eachother..  It is when we move way beyond the two physical bodies of eachother while having deep connected sex, and we melt into the essence of eachother. After all, our bodies are the place where our souls live. If we are connecting in such a way, we have experienced this connection before with eachother in past lives.  Our souls are timeless and have lived in many different bodies since the beginning of time. Our souls have left behind broken hearts and happy hearts that may or may not karmically have to be cleansed and healed lifetime to lifetime. This is why our souls are so familiar with eachother when we meet. It goes far beyond the size of the penis or the size of the breasts and how skinny or voluptious we  are, because the soul itself without the body is divinely beautiful sexy energy.  Each soul has it’s own special energy that is uniquely different then the other.  When our souls connect to the body at birth, then we become a feminine or masculine form.  Without the physical body, our souls most probably wouldn’t care about boobs and penises.  The beautiful thing about two souls that recognize eachother and connect is that our souls are making love to eachother even when our physical bodies are not together. When we feel another person’s soul energy, our souls are not only thinking of eachother, they are making love to eachother, kissing eachother, etc. They are remembering the amazing  Soul Sex that they have experienced before. Soul sex can be experienced in the physical form and  in the soul form.

Have you ever experienced Soul Sex while sleeping?  We make love, we kiss, we hold hands and we declare our love to eachother all while dreaming, and we’ve never met in the physical form. I call these dreams Spirit Dreams. When we have a dream like this,  we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that  we are experiencing  Soul Sex and that our next soul mate is coming very soon.  In our Soul Sex dream, we may be shown a face of someone familiar, so we can connect with and understand the Spirit Dream. It doesn’t mean that this is the person we are going to have Soul Sex with in the physical form.

This does not happen to everyone: but it does seem very real for those who do experience deep passionate and powerful sexual intimacy in a Spirit Dream . When it does happen,l we know that a soul mate connection is on the way and that we will soon be having Soul Sex in the physical form.

Make sure when you wake  up that you record the date, your exact conversation, how the Soul Sex experience was, etc. I can almost guarantee you that it will happen exactly how you  dreamed it to be. When you do meet your soul mate connection, you will both recognize eachother;  although the other person may not have had this dream; however, they will “recognize” you within the depths of their soul. It is especially important during this time to write down all your dreams. Your dreams can tell you what your subconscious is feeling and whether or not you have issues with the past, etc.

Many years ago, after repeating an affirmation for a soul mate connection, I had a very powerful and very profound Soul Sex Spirit Dream. It seemed so real, and I  remember it as if it were yesterday. In the dream he and I made love and we both came with very intense orgasms. In the dream, I became pregnant immediately, which was a symbol to me that I was giving birth to love. Afterwards, we declared  our love to eachother. I mean I literally and undoubtedly fell in love with him while having Soul Sex during that Spirit Dream. He asked me where I lived, and I told him. He said he would find me. When I woke up, my only concern was that there was a woman behind him. I remember telling a friend that I was concerned that he might be married.  In the dream I asked him who she was, but I didn’t hear his answer. A few months later, there he was on a flight from Florida back to where I lived at the time in Orange County, California..  He recognized me first; because, as it turned out, he had had the exact same dream. We had dinner one night, and our dinner conversation that evening unfolded exactly as it had in the dream. We had fallen for eachother. It was then that I discovered he was married, but they lived on different coasts. I couldn’t see him anymore. We were both intensely emotionally upset, because we had fallen in love with eachother before we met. We did have lunch another time as well. We even discussed the dream. He said that in the dream he kept telling me he was married, but I didn’t answer him.  It was pretty wild experience. I never saw him again after our lunch, and we never had Soul Sex in the physical form. I learned from that experience to be very very clear and precise in my affirmation for creating a soul mate.

A few months ago,  I had a Soul Sex dream in which I had a full body orgasm. I wasn’t shown the face of the man, but I knew I was with someone. Weeks later, I met someone, and we had the most amazing  Sex in  physical form that I have ever had in my life. It lasted one month, and then it ended. I can’t wait to have Soul Sex again in the physical form and in spirit form with my next soul mate connection. I am ready.


I AM READY. ARE YOU?  Do you have any Soul Sex stories to share? Please comment below.


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