I woke up this morning reflecting on my life as a single gal. Believe it or not, after a short brief marriage, I have been single for 42 years. That my friends is a very long time. Yes when I was younger I definitely wanted to get married again. It didn’t happen; and so now at 62 (63 April 12), I am no longer looking for marriage (and haven’t been for awhile). I would love to be in a long term relationship where we can grow really really really super old together. Most of my really close girlfriends are single, because let’s face it, what would I have in common with women who talk about their children and grandchildren. I never had children either, but it is difficult for me to visualize that I could have possible had a 42 year old son or daughter if I had gotten pregnant on my honeymoon. I’m not good with pain, so being pregnant would have been very dramatic for me. Wow! I don’t even feel ALMOST 63. In two years, I’ll be ready for medical or whatever it is. Where did the time go. I am not even the same person that I was at 21. Back then, I didn’t even know the concept of being and feeling sexy and sensual. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine talking off my clothes in public and now here I am  a nudist living in a nudist resort and taking naked vacations.

The problem is that after being single for so long, I totally enjoy my space. I am used to doing things my way. If I wanted to, I could  eat strawberries and chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have noone to tell me when to wash the floors, how to spend our money, what TV shows to watch. It is delightfully rewarding at times to be single. Whoever I am with is going to have to put up with my pink personality, my pink palace, my hot pink car and my obsession with reality shows.  Then again I truly believe that REAL MEN WEAR PINK.

 For me to even live with someone, I would have to have the following criteria-his and hers bathrooms, our bedroom and then  his and hers bedroom (for space when needed).

So wouldn’t you know, God blessed me with the gift of being a psychic love coach guiding men and women through the highs and lows of love. Who better then to guide you then a single woman herself. www.pinkchickpsychic.com