Pop The Magic Soul Connection Dream

DREAM PROGRAMMING I had the most shocking and surprising dreams last night.  I programmed my dreams with my dream guides (God,  Archangels Raphael and Michael) last night for some healing on some health issues and to help me move forward in a positive direction regarding my love life, so that I can meet and connect with the most amazing soul mate for me who will be for my soul’s highest and highest and.. Read More

Creative Visualization For Spicing Up Your Love, Sex And Romantic Life

Years ago, I listened to an audio on Creative Visualization I cannot remember the author, but it could have been Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualization. There are many books on the subject of Creative Visualization, so I cannot say for sure it was Shakti Gawain’s book. I have, however, adopted a particular visualization process over the years, and it began by listening to this particular audio. It has  worked wonders for every aspect.. Read More