My Hole In One Dream

I programmed Goddess Isis (for past life work), Pluto (God of wealth) and Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess of Wealth). I added Isis, because I wanted her to show me a past lifetime while I am sleeping and dreaming in which the money karma from that lifetime directly effects me in this lifetime. I also asked for Pluto and Lakshmi to continue to work with me in raising my wealth frequencies and my core vibration. In.. Read More

Decluttering Decluttering Decluttering

I  had a decluttering dream a couple of nights ago after programming my dreams to bring in a soul mate. In my dream, everything was in the trunk of my car and there were papers everywhere all over my home. I was told (by the powers that be) that my answer was two blocks away. The dream was definitely telling me to declutter my mind, body, soul and spirit. I have lived in.. Read More

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