Sexy Erotic Affirmations To Spice Up Your Valentines Day

WATCH MY YOUTUBE VIDEO As your Psychic Love Coach, I put together these erotic and great sex affirmations with a romantic twist are perfect for all you Goddesses who have a special Valentines Day planned with their special someone. They will assist you in diving into the wonderful erotic and sexy world that only you can create. You have the sexy power within you ALREADY. You just don’t know it yet. It is.. Read More

Foreplay For Men

Get your love on today

This blog is for all women who want to spark the romance in her man.  In order to have a very sexy time with your man, you must first trigger his love, sex, erotic and romantic imagination. This is called Foreplay. Great foreplay leads to great sex. Foreplay is buying a sexy toy for him that is really for you, but you let him use it on you. Foreplay is when you watch.. Read More

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