My Bob Who Dream

This past weekend, I was at the Celebrate Your Life Convention in Chicago.I purchased a John Of God Necklace, and I have been programming my dreams and asking for healing dreams while holding the necklace in my hands or wearing it. My John Of God necklace is very powerful.  I also had a session with one of Dr. Darren Weissman’s colleagues (Infinite Love and Gratitude) for emotional healing. MY DREAM MEMORY In my.. Read More

My Oy Vey Pimples Dream

As a dream coach,  I am so fascinated by the subject of dreams; so much so, that yesterday   I purchased a Kindle ebook by Robert Moss called “Dreaming The Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming For Healing And Becoming Whole”. There is a chapter in his book  about meeting the soul of my soul (the soul of my beloved). I was so touched by reading that chapter and doing the exercise in the.. Read More

Raising My Core Vibration Dream

While on the recent Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, October 15-22. and also through my dreams, I have been asking for a much clearer connection with my Higher Self/my inner God. I am also asking for my Higher Self/my inner God to work with me in my dreams (and while I am awake) to point me in the direction I need to go with the book that I am writing called “How To Know When Someone.. Read More

My 10/20 Healing & Nurturing Dream Journey

Before I went to bed Wednesday night (10/19), I programmed my dreams with God and Celtic Goddess Gueneviere to open me up to receiving all the gifts meant for me from the universe. I am so grateful for being on the Cruise Into Spirit Cruise, and I will be blogging my experience once I return home. I journaled my dreams, but I did not have time to blog them due to it being a full.. Read More

My Healing Dream Last Night With Archangel Raphael

Wow! First, I have to tell you about my day yesterday. I was at Whole Foods when I accidentally smacked my left big toe into something so hard that I was bleeding on the floor and on my shoe. The deli people and the manager were kind enough to bring me a chair to sit down on and bandages.  I was quite embarrassed.  I left my groceries in the cart, and I immediately headed to.. Read More

8/18 An Amazing Night Healing Dream

First, I will tell you about the first part of my dream. I asked Archangel Michael, God and my fairies to help me heal  a decision I made while I was married. I remember the exact moment I said to myself out of frustration that I will keep myself alone and do everything on my own. I was with a group of people. We were given gifts, and the gifts were glitter, sequence.. Read More

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