Eros, The God of Romantic Love & Sexual & Erotic Awakenings

I am quite fascinated with Greek Mythology and with the healing modalities of the different mythical Gods and Goddesses.  I have found that one of the most powerful ways to heal myself is through programming my dreams with the many different powerful healing energies of the mythical Gods and Goddesses.  When I want to work on my  love life through my dreams, I program my dreams with Eros, the God of romantic and.. Read More

Over 80 Proven I AM Affirmations For Love, Sex & Romance

 I am a huge believer in repeating affirmations everyday. Affirmations are powerful statements that I repeat over and over again to create the situation I desire to experience. Affirmations have proven to transform my love life, because when I speak my future, I create the future I desire. Affirmations have transformed my life, so they can transform yours.   I grew up with a certain belief system that I didn’t deserve love or.. Read More

I Just Completed Tony Robbins Date With Destiny

OMG! Date With Destiny 2014 in Boca Raton, Florida with Tony Robbins has to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Tony Robbins is one heck of a  powerful amazing force. He was put on this earth to help others. HOW DOES HE DO IT!!??  Although I am absolutely exhausted, in a total fog from the long hours, lack of sleep and the many AH HA moments that I had,.. Read More

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