Wisdom Of The Oracle Cards & My Dreams

In the last couple of days I have had some very powerful dreams. I am also currently attending iColette-Baron-Reid’s online Oracle School Each morning, I pick a card from the Wisdom Of The Oracle Card Deck for any messages for my day. The last couple of days, I have asked about the messages in my dreams. I programmed my dreams for both November 27th and November 28th with God, Archangel Raphael and Archangel.. Read More

My Oracle Card Dream

DREAM PROGRAMMING PRAYER Dear God, My Guardian Angels and Archangel Raphael. Please send me beautiful light filled and healing messages in my dreams tonight while I sleep. MY DREAM MEMORY I woke up yesterday morning with the memory of the follow dream. I am doing a reading for a woman. I started to do an Oracle Card spread for her on the table. She left for a moment. When she came back, I.. Read More

There’s A Pussy Cat In My Bed Dream

I programmed my sleep and my dreams last night with my Dream Guardians to help me to have a very restful, healing and peaceful sleep, and for them to help me to remember those healing dreams in the most beautiful ways that I will recognize and remember. DREAM RECALL I am in Vegas. I met this guy who looks and sounds like Aiden from Sex And The City. I think there is hope.. Read More

My Beautiful But Noisy Turquoise Heart Oracle Card Dream

  Last night was another fabulous night of dreams. I love where my nightly dream journeys and adventures take me. Due to my strong desire to experience a Paradigm Shift in my dreams (and while I am awake), I programmed my dreams with Archangel Raphael letting him know that I am quite ready to experience a Paradigm Shift. I have had 66 years of a way of thinking and moving about the planet,.. Read More

My Youtube Video -Oracle Card Readings

inner God

PEEKABOO! Please watch my newest youtube video on becoming a certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader through Denise Linn. I have been doing psychic medium readings, soul communicator readings and  psychic love coaching sessions for over 30 years, and now it is time to create a new dimension to my readings. I never had a desire to add oracle card readings to my psychic reading sessions, but then I met and experienced the.. Read More

Universal Oracle Card Reading For 1/15

The card I chose for all of you today is the card of OPENING. It shows that your heart is open to receiving all the beautiful gifts of the universe. If you have been having a difficult time with any aspect of your life, know that the difficult times will be soon be over. Do not underestimate the power of your soul to overcome obstacles in your way. You are not alone.  If.. Read More

My Love Alter and My Prosperity Alter

I recently felt inspired to create a Love Alter and a Prosperity Alter for myself. As a professional Psychic for 30 years, I am always looking to evolve, grow and evole. As I grow, my psychic and expand into other rhelms, my channeling abilities are  getting stronger and more powerful. I am currently taking an online course called “Soul Couching Oracle Card Reader Certification Coarse. I have always been blessed with clairvoyant (seeing.. Read More

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