Four Ways To Have Great Soul Sex

This blog about sex was originally written in 2014. I have revamped it and changed the title for greater understanding of the topic about Soul Sex. Sex is sex and making love is making love. I make love with my emotions, so it would be very difficult for me to just have sex for the sake of having sex; however, that being said I admire women who can separate sex from love. I.. Read More

My Dream About Venus Finding Me Love

I programmed my dream with Venus, Goddess of Love and Sex, last night before I went to sleep last night. In my dream, I am in a hotel attending different personal growth workshops.  I have met some very nice people, and there are a couple of woman I am intending to be friends with.  Someone asked me if I had talked to this one particular guy. I said I had seen him, but.. Read More

Activate These 10 Mythical Gods & Goddesses For Great Love, Sex & Passion

Get your love on today

I just love the healing modalities of the different mythical Gods & Goddesses. I choose to meditate with some of them to improve my love, sex and romantic life, and so I want to help you to uncover your true love and sexual essence through God & Goddess affirmations. I have chosen 10 very powerful Gods & Goddesses to help enhance your love, sex and romantic life through affirmations. Choose the mythical god.. Read More

Geeze Don’t Men Believe In Romance Anymore?

Excuse me while I vent about something  that happened in the last couple of days.  Guys do you not believe in romance anymore? What happened to being respectful and asking a woman out. If I am NOT dating you and have NEVER dated you, please don’t walk up to me and tell me you want to fuck me. If you do that, I know you’ve told a thousand other women that you want.. Read More

Affirmation For Great Foreplay

Affirmations to stimulate your senses

  You can just call me the Affirmation Queen bcause I absolutely love the wonderful power of affirmations in relationshps.  I even have  a published book on affirmations for great love, great sex and great romance in and out of the bedroom called SEXY LOVE AFFIRMATIONS.  Affirmations work if you work them. I have the perfect foreplay affirmation for great magical foreplay between you and your partner.  Try it. You’ll love the results… Read More

Why Do I Wear The Color Pink?

I know that it is breast cancer month, and I honor and love  all of you who currently  have and have had breast cancer by continuing to wear pink in my usual hot pink fashion.  I have not (knock on wood) had breast cancer, but I am 100% into supporting the cause. As you can see, I drive around in a hot pink car  with a giant pink smile on my face. I.. Read More

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