Pop The Magic Soul Connection Dream

DREAM PROGRAMMING I had the most shocking and surprising dreams last night.  I programmed my dreams with my dream guides (God,  Archangels Raphael and Michael) last night for some healing on some health issues and to help me move forward in a positive direction regarding my love life, so that I can meet and connect with the most amazing soul mate for me who will be for my soul’s highest and highest and.. Read More

Living In The Vortex With Our Soul Mate

 I have discovered the power of being in the Vortex through the Abraham Hicks videos, and I work on living in the Vortex  everyday through affirmations, prayer and dream programming. Being in the Vortex means we are at one with who we really are. It is being connected to our God Source and the Universe. God and the Universe want what we want. We just have to know that we are worthy and deserving of receiving, giving,feeling and.. Read More