My Oy Vey Pimples Dream

As a dream coach,  I am so fascinated by the subject of dreams; so much so, that yesterday   I purchased a Kindle ebook by Robert Moss called “Dreaming The Soul Back Home: Shamanic Dreaming For Healing And Becoming Whole”. There is a chapter in his book  about meeting the soul of my soul (the soul of my beloved). I was so touched by reading that chapter and doing the exercise in the.. Read More

Christmas Day Reflections

Christmas and the holidays are a very magical time, but for some people it can increase the feelings of loneliness and longing. I have some great psychic sales to help you see into how the holidays and beyond will be for you. Join my Raving Fan Club; and if it is before 11:59pm Sunday December 27, you will receive my newletter with the Christmas Psychic Sales. We all have our own unique ways.. Read More

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