Pirates, A Knife And Buried Treasure Dream

Last night, I concentrated on my nightly DREAM PROGRAMMING process with the help and guidance of  my Dream Doula, my Soul and my ANIMAL SPIRIT, a beautiful white horse named The Cloud. My DREAM PROGRAMMING process helps me to have 90% + DREAM RECALL. My ultimate goal as a single woman is  to manifest a long term, committed, monogamous SOUL MATE RELATIONSHIP. In the last week, I have had two major passionate kissing.. Read More

Affirmation For Bringing Divine Order Into Your Love Life

Although we can bring divine order into every aspect of our lives, this blog post is about bringing divine order into our love lives. First and foremost, it is important  to know just exactly what Divine Order is. God is the ultimate divine, and so we are asking that God take over and bring  truth and order to whatever we desire in our lives; and in this case, our love lives.  Many of.. Read More

Creative Visualization For Spicing Up Your Love, Sex And Romantic Life

Years ago, I listened to an audio on Creative Visualization I cannot remember the author, but it could have been Shakti Gawain’s book Creative Visualization. There are many books on the subject of Creative Visualization, so I cannot say for sure it was Shakti Gawain’s book. I have, however, adopted a particular visualization process over the years, and it began by listening to this particular audio. It has  worked wonders for every aspect.. Read More

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