I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have used my psychic abilities in past lifetimes as well as this lifetime. When I first started doing readings full time over 30 years ago, I started going to networking breakfasts. The first time I went to this one particular networking breakfast, there was this gentleman standing behind me. I turned around, and we looked into eachother’s eyes. At that second of eye contact, we both began to shake and drop things.  His eyes literally haunted me, and it felt as if the world stood still. There was definitely a connection there, but I could see that he was married (wedding ring on ring finger), so I never went there.  Later, when I was alone in my apartment and remembering how it felt to look into his eyes, I began to have visions of this man in a past lifetime. It was if I were watching a movie, and it was clearly playing out in front of me. God wanted me to remember him from that past lifetime.  I remembered that he was a member of the town council, and I burst into his office yelling and screaming “How could you do this to me?”.  In that particular lifetime, we were having an affair, and he betrayed me by proclaiming me a witch. I was burned at the stake. Believe me, that magnetic attraction melted very quickly after that intense past life vision. I did eventually meet his wife who was also a  psychic. He obviously was making up for that lifetime in which he was responsible for having “witches” burned at the stake.

In the beginning of the discovering of the intensity of my psychic abilities, I felt like I had no control over my abilities; and that literally scared me.  I was afraid I would see death., so I made a pact with God to not let me see people’s futures as far as death or illness IN THIS PRESENT LIFETIME; and to this day, God has kept his promise.  My psychic insights would hit me very strongly when I would be walking down the street or at work , etc.  My eyes would get foggy, and I would go into some sort of trance; and then the visions would come. Even though I was afraid of  how powerful my psychic abilities were, I was more then fascinated by what I could see and channel.

When I started doing readings professionally, I put a lot of pressure on myself to “perform”, so I found a way to gain control of my “visions”, so that I could gain access to them whenever I desired to use them. I felt safer and more in control that way. The method I used to control my abilities, so that they didn’t get out of hand, was automatic writing (spirit writing) along with my clairvoyant (seeing images) and my clairsentient (channeling emotions and feelings). Automatic writing came naturally to me. I was instinctivly guided in that direction. I found that through automatic writing, the answers were direct and to the point with no beating around the bush.

Throughout the years, the way I have channelled through automatic writing has evolved.  Fast forward to the present, I no longer need to “write”  while in a session with a client. I feel the vibration of words and sentences through the tapping of my fingers or I use the keyboard to tap out the vibrations in an email reading.

Up until six months ago, I never used oracle cards at all.  I didn’t feel the need to use “tools”; however, they have become extensions of the work that I do in working with my clients, and I feel the vibrations of messages held for my clients in each card.  I know that fairies and angels and mythical gods and goddesses exist within us.  We all have our own inner beliefs about what exists and what doesn’t exist. There is no right or wrong way to believe. Our beliefs become our own reality. In fact, I meditate with the different mythical gods and goddess for different healing modalities, and  I use the healing modalities of the different gods and goddesses in my reiki healings. I have now been guided to take an online course to learn, read and heal through the fairies. Stay tuned…

All we have to do is open up our minds, hearts, souls and third eye and BELIEVE, and the rest will be MAGICAL.