I woke up this morning very grateful to my sexy hot pink soul. We have been through many lifetimes together, and we have stuck together through thick and through thin. We are bound together for eternity, and  I am forever grateful for my strong, sensitive, kind and loving soul for giving me the  strength to overcome the struggles that I have experienced from lifetime to lifetime. I was born with a clear memory of a past life. Click here to read my blog post about that past life. I believe that God and my soul wanted me to have these vivid clear memories, because they wanted me to learn many lessons in this lifetime; and I am doing just that.  Through all this growing and evolving that I am doing, I am healing and clearing up my past life karma along with the issues I have experienced in childhood. Because of the highs and lows of my life, I am able to help my clients  overcome their emotional obstacles.  I know deep within the depths of my soul that I make a difference. Making a difference is my true divine purpose in this lifetime. It shows in the work that I do as a psychic medium and soul communicator. I channel and deliver soul messages to my clients from my soul to yours.

When they say about a man that he is not your “Average Joe”, I can relate; because I am not your Average “Josephine”. I call my soul “Josephine”, because she makes sure that I impact people in a special and unforgettable way.  She’s my heart, and she has made me into the woman I am today. I am unique and colorfully pink in every way – looks, voice, you name it. God and “Josephine” knew what they were doing when they created me. 

I believe in future lives as well, and I talk to God and “Josephine” all the time about how I want my future life to be. I know they are listening, and who knows…. I am consciously working on the negative karma that I brought into this lifetime, so that I can have a clean slate for the rest of this life and for my future lives.

Thank you God and “Josephine” for ALWAYS being there for me.


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