It has been 5 days since Tony Robbins Date With Destiny Florida 2014 ended, and I am still smiling in the afterglow of the whole experience. I do, however, have a major cold and possible the stomach flu.  I was with 3000 people for 6 glorious days with many who may had gotten colds as well from the long hours and lack of sleep.  I loved UPW, but DWD is far more powerful intense then UPW.

There were people from all over the world there (over 60 countries), including 170 people from Japan who I witnessed standing in line to check into the hotel the night before. They traveled 22 hours to get to Date With Destiny.  Those from different countries and different languages listened with head phone while interpreters spoke at the speed of Tony Robbins. Amazing!  We may have had language barriers, but somehow with just a smile, we knew we were sharing in the miracle of Tony Robbins. We were divided into different groups with approximately 60 people in each group. Then we chose a buddy. I had the pleasure of becoming buddies with Jean. She and I got very close, and I am pretty sure we will be friends for a long time. Being in a Tony Robbins seminar is like being in a rock concert with lots of singing and dancing and standing on chairs. Watching Tony work his magic on people who stand up to share was beautiful and amazing. I wish I could have worked with Tony, but he did not choose me. He can just look at someone and know their whole story before even speaking to them.

When I connected in DWD  to my 2 year old memory of  how I felt when my biological father disappeared, I realized where my short relationships and connections stemmed from. In my young memory, I got the belief that  feeling love and connection were painful, and so I had to protect myself. I never accepted or allowed my  father who adopted me at 6 years old to get close to me, and I had short unfullfilling relationships with men-except for the last relationship. It was short, but I connected on a level I had never connected before. Love came out of that for me, but it didn’t last. I accept that now, because I know that the Goddess Of Burning Love lives inside of my heart and new love is coming soon.

When my father died in early 2001, I was 49 3/4 years old.  His huge family disowned and rejected my brother and me for not being real blood. We were disowned (even though I knew them since I was 5). That was incredible painful. A couple of days ago, I dreamed that someone came to me and told me that my cousin (or ex cousin), my father’s brother’s son, had passed away. I remember in the dream that we weren’t connected anymore and that I had a burning desire to tell my mother. She died 3 years ago. I woke up feeling very emotional and crying. What I eventually came to realize in the process of that day is that I was finally releasing that experience and rejection from my body, mind, spirit and soul. That experience plus other losses from that time period had lived inside my stomach for many years. That is where I carried rejection, fear, grief and sadness. I had a lot of stomach problems as proof of that.


My top goals for the next year are:

1. To continually connect with the Goddess Of Burning Love within my body. mind, soul and spirit. I made connecting with my inner Goddess of upmost importance and my top goal, because I know when I connect with my inner Goddess, I feel  her in my heart, my heart feels open, and I feel emotionally alive. She inspires me to guide others with my psychic work and she has inspired me in the past to write and publish my book “Sexy Love Affirmations“.

2. Financial Security – Goals all written down

3. Soul Mate Relationship – We are both enlightened souls who trust in the process of love to take us on our journey of love, passion and miracles. We both have a deep desire to learn, grow and continually evolve into the best we can be for ourselves and for eachother. We thrive on gaining knowledge for ourselves through seminars, workshops and classes. We also want to teach others what we know. We are on a journey of enlightenment, but we are also aware of our deep desire for fun, passion and pleasure. We both enjoy the wholesomeness of the  nudist lifestyle, yet also enjoy erotic and tantric delights. We are “connected” in body, mind, soul and spirit for the long run through thick and through thin. We are never ending. We are deep love.

4. Business Success – Goals all written down.