A couple nights ago , I asked the angels to bring me important messages in my dreams, to remember these messages and for them to help me interpret those messages,  I had a very interesting yet very confusing dream that night. I have decided to share with you a portion of that dream. In my dream that there was a giant bed in a store that I was in, and a man and a woman disappeared inside the mattress.  I thought that was very cool, so I decided to try to go inside inside the mattress. I could not, because it was hard and unpenatratable.

I had an ah ha moment yesterday regarding that dream, and I am 100 percent positive that the angels helped me to interpret the dream even though it was the next day (which was yesterday). I woke up yesterday morning with my back hurting, and I couldn’t figure out why. Now I know. I have a sleep number bed, which I have had set to 20 for a very long time. The Angels gave me the message in that ah ha moment that my mattress needed to be harder for my back. When I realized that, I immediately set it to 40. Now my back feels better.