Reiki is universal healing energy. As a Usui Reiki Master since 2008,  I serve as a vessel for supplying healing energies where they are most needed and desired. I predominantly work with my clients on healing issues relating to inner child, beauty and body image, relationship blocks, sexual blocks (Yoni healings for women), money blocks, reconnecting with their inner source, etc. , I work on all levels – body, mind, spirit, aura, soul and chakras.   Helping my clients  to see the light at the end of the tunnel is a very poweful and successful way for me to work with my clients. I assist them in walking them through the tunnel. For some people walking through that tunnel is exciting, and for others it can be scarey.

We are in a powerful age of discovery where it is considered uncommon for those who choose not to pursue their personal growth or to connect with their  own  inner spiritual source. and  for those who choose not to connect with their inner wisdom and insights. Many years ago, when I was in my mid twenties, I was going through a rough times. After an extensive time of traveling in Europe, I had to move back home for financial reasons.  During that period, I felt lost and disconnected. I had temporarily lost my connection to my own inner God, my faith and my inner source of wisdom and insight. Thankfully, I was able to move out  on my own again and reestablish my connection to source , faith, love and manifestation; however, to this day, I will always remember that empty lost feeling that I carried inside of me. This is why I work with my clients who feel emotionally and spiritually lost reconnect with their inner source of power and love. I feel so grateful to my inner God for giving me the wisdom, inspiration and calling to become a Reiki Master. We are all powerful forces to be reconned with, but there are people out there who have lost their feelings of power. I will work with them in putting that “force back into them”. When that source of power is reignited within them, there is nothing stopping them from becoming the person that they have always wanted to be.

One of my favorite modalities to use are the powerful healing modalities of the different mythical Gods and Goddesses. Between you and me and the lampost, you actually do not need a Reiki healing to connect with and develop a spiritual relationship with the different Gods and Goddesses. All you have to do is find a quiet place to meditate, and then ask for a specific God or Goddess to come into your meditation; however, I work with my clients if they need assistance in initially connecting with a specific mythical God or Goddess. I sell God and Goddess Reiki Attunements.  Reiki Attunements are Reiki healing systems created by Reiki Masters. Each system comes with a manual created by the founder of the system, so that you can keep reattuning yourself and even attune others. And the great thing about most of these attunements (unless otherwise specified), you don’t have to be a Reiki master to attune others to these wonderful systems. Click here for more information on purchasing a Reiki Attunement.

I send my reiki healings distantly through a person’s picture. If they don’t have a picture, then I use their paypal payment receipt, which has their name on it. My healings are done at unspecified times when my energy is at it’s highest point in the day. The healing energy flows through the palms of my hands and flows to YOU by intention. I also work with the energy of the colors when doing my reiki healings. I work with rainbow healing energy. For me personally, I find that what works for me is that I use green for prosperity, pink for love, red for passion, blue for emotional and physical healing and white for cleansing,clearing and purifying. I also combine colors when I am doing my healings-depending on what his/her needs are.
Everyone receives Reiki healing energy in different ways. Some clients are very uplifted and happy after a Reiki healing, and others might feel fatiqued or sleepy after a session. In these sessions, layer after layer of  emotional blockages , memories, fears, grief, etc. are being peeled off. You should drink a lot of water after your session. You might even have some AH HA moments after a Reiki healing session.  Reiki works in amazing ways.