In 1975, I was quite the adventurer. After living on a Kibbutz for about 4 1/2 months and not liking it, I decided on the spur of the moment to fly to London. I knew some people there, and they welcomed me to stay in their home. They knew I wanted to stay for awhile and work, so they told me about a temporary employment agency that had hired a cousin of mine. The only problem was that they did not know where in London this particularly “special” employment agency was.  I was going to have to search all over London for this one “special” place, and it was going to be like finding a needle in a haystack. That night, I literally prayed all night to God to show me where to find this place. In the morning, the people I was staying with walked me to the bus stop. Everyone had an idea. Go here. Go there, etc. etc. A little old lady came out of nowhere and said to me “I know the agency you want”. My friends ignored her, but she caught my attention, since she had just appeared like magic. She got on the bus with me, and told me the address and what stop to get off at. When I got there, it turned out to be the “special” temporary employment agency that I was looking for. I was so blown away, because I had no doubt in my mind that  was the day that I SAW GOD.

By the way, I only worked through this agency for a couple of weeks (if that), before I decided to continue on my travels.