As a professional psychic who knows deep within the depths of my soul that my gifts are a blessing from God, I have seen way too many people getting ripped off by Fake Psychics (gypsys). Here are the PINK FLAG warnings on and off the internet.

1.  Ads that say “Reunite Loved Ones”. They make these promises that if you pay them huge amounts of $$$$ they will light candles for you  or crack eggs over your head, etc. etc. etc. to bring back your lover. You can not go against someone’s will. If your lover or ex lover doesn’t want to be with you, they don’t want to be with you. If you really want to try and bring someone back, do it yourself. Light  a white candle, stare at the flame, and pray to/talk to God to help either get over this person or help you get them back. Pray for 15 minutes a day ONCE a day. Do not skip a day. If you want to triple the intensity pray for 15 minutes a day 3x a day. If it is against his/her will, it will not work. Pray for Divine Energy  in this relationship. Divine Energy will show you the truth (God’s truth).

2.  Ads that say “Call Out Enemies By Name”

3. Ad says “Remove Evil Spirits” or they tell you that if you pay them $$$$ they will remove all your evil spirits.

4. Ad says that you have a curse on you because you are single or because someone doesn’t want you  or your money situation is bad, etc. etc. etc., they are lyng. Believe me, there is no curse on you. It is your inner believes about yourself due to childhood issues, etc. that hold you back.

4. In their Ad they say MRS SO AND SO. They never use their first name.

5. They offer a free reading. Seriously, that is to reel you in. Once they have you, they can mess with your head and get you to pay ooodles of money for spells, etc.

6. They charge ridiculously low prices (like $1 or $5 for an hour reading) to reel you in. Again, once they have you they mess with your head.

7. Fake psychics ask too many questions before the reading. I do not like to know anything about the person I am about to read. THE LESS I KNOW THE BETTER.