Dear  God and Archangel Uriel.  Please help me to surrender my love life to you in my dreams tonight, and please work with me in my dreams tonight in guiding  into  the love life of my dreams with the perfect soul mate for me for a permanent relationship.


I am at a large gathering in another state. There is this man, and we have decided to fly back on the same flight together. There is an attraction between us. He seems like a big guy to me. I am worried about the plane getting me home too late.

A couple of nights ago, I had a very long dream, but all I remember is that someone gave me a chocolate kiss.


I strongly believe that this could be a precognitive dream. The reason that I believe that it is a precognitive dream is because I am actually flying to Nashville for a large singles gathering at the end of May. The guy is either big or has big energy. Arriving too late at night represents me wondering at times if it is too late for me to have a serious relationship, since I am in my 60’s. Perhaps I will meet him in Nashville or on the plane. I am in first class going to Nashville, and in coach coming back. Ya never know.

The chocolate kiss in my dream a couple of nights ago could be the kiss of love.

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