I am a member of the Hay House Community, and I often listen to the Authors’ radio shows on Hay House Radio. I have been very curious about Doreen Virtue, along with another author, Denise Linn (who I absolutely love).  I “liked” Doreen Virtue’s page on Facebook awhile back. Last week, she posted on facebook that she has a new online course to become a Certified Fairyologist.  At first, in reading the details of the Fairyology course, I had to chuckle. I found it rather amusing FOR THE FIRST DAY. I then could not stop thinking about that course and I kept thinking about the Fairies. I started talking to them.. I became fascinating with reading the details of the course everyday. As  a psychic, I have never focused on channeling the fairies. I do, however, believe in them just like I believe in Angels, etc. I ordered the Fairy Oracle Cards from Amazon to get a feel for them; and when they arrived, I was very excited. I began reading my friends who believe in the fairies.

I have to share with you all what prompted me to buy the course yesterday morning. When I woke up Sunday morning, the Fairies were very much on my mind. I remembered the dream I had awakened from. The dream was that I had changed my thyroid medication on a whim on my own. The new medication only worked in Upstate New York. I  spontaneously bought the course, and then I bought the course ebook on Amazon. I started reading the book, and I read that that Fairies can be found in upstate New York. Shortly after, I went to the pool at the resort where I live. There was a new waitress working there. In talking to her, she told me she was from upstate New York. I said funny coincidence, I am reading a book about Fairies, and it says we can find them in Upstate New York. She said yes and proceeded to tell me all the places in Upstate New York I can find them. WOW! The Fairies are speaking to me already! The course starts on April 22, and I cannot wait to get certified and incorporate Fairy Readings into my readings.



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