I love the fairies. They saved me today from forgetting a friend’s birthday today and also my brother’s wedding anniversary. Rachel and I have been friends for almost 40 years, and no matter where we are, we call eachother on our birthdays. I never had to put her birthday on my calendar, because it has always been automatic with me.

When I talk to the fairies, I go out on my screened in patio.  Today, I took the fairy oracle cards with me, and I asked if they had a message for me. I immediately pulled a card out of the deck, and it was the “birthday” card. I instantly remembered her birthday. aI feel such a powerful connection to the fairies and the Messages From The Fairies Oracle Card Deck. As a psychic medium, I have always been  very clairvoyant in my readings, but divinely enough my abilities are getting stronger and stronger day by day.

I am slowly putting my cute little fairy garden together. Since I live in a Condo, I am creating one on my screened in patio. When I have it completed enough,  I will do a little video for everyone. It will always be a never ending work in process.

Thank you Fairies for being there for me today, and I am so grateful to Doreen Virtue for certifying me as a Fairyologist. Fairies, I am sending you hot pink fairy kisses.

Fairy Kisses
Fairy Kisses


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