I have to share the powerful realization I just had TODAY. It all started in August of 1980, at the age of 29 thirty six years ago to be exact. I went through a weekend workshop called “Lifespring” (similar to EST and now Landmark), and my life changed forever. It was the first time I had done anything related to my personal growth and transformation, and it was the first time I had looked within. It was a very powerful and enlightening experience for me, and I had a lot of ahhh haaa moments during the whole seminar.

About 3 nights after the workshop, I went to bed; however, I had a very uncomfortable and uneasy feeling as I was pulling the covers over me. The energy felt wierd in my bedroom. All of a sudden, I found myself on my stomach completely paralyzed with chills going up and down my body. As quickly as this happened, I then found myself on my right side staring at a dark sillouette of something or somebody. He knelt down and sprinkled glitter  (energy) all over my lips and face. Not knowing what was happening, I completely freaked out. I called a friend of mine at 1 in the morning completely hysterical, and she told me to tell the spirit that he wasn’t welcome and to leave. He did, but I was a wreck the whole next day. I called the Lifespring Office when I got to work that morning, and the woman I spoke to suggested that perhaps it was God, which made me cry. My boss saw how emotional I was and called me into her office. When I told her the story, she began to cry. She said that it meant it that I was loved. A couple of months later, I had that uneasy feeling again; then I was on my side paralyzed, and I am thinking OMG it’s happening again. A face, JUST A FACE, appeared, kissed me on the breast and left. A month later, I had a windstorm in my bedroom. Something or someone was definitely trying to get my attention. I call him the Spirit Whisperer

I always knew I was psychic, but shortly after these incidents, my psychic abilities became much more intensified to the point where these abilities could no longer be ignored and definitely had to be explored. The stronger my psychic abilities got, the more fascinated I became with them.  I would suddenly go into trances while walking down the street or while I was at work and powerful images would appear out of nowhere. My coworkers loved hearing and experiencing  the messages I would channel for them.  It was at this time that I made a pact with God that since he had given me these powerful psychic abilities not to allow me to see death or illness, and he has kept his promise to this day. Now, I am a full time psychic and Reiki healer.

Recently, I was talking to a neighbor in the community where I live, and he was sharing some powerful stories of his own healing and psychic abilities. While he was sharing his stories with me, I had a realization that the spirit who came to me the first time in August 1980, appeared for the specific purpose of  gifting me with  the enhancement and intensification of  my psychic abilities that I already possessed. . That was the energy that he sprinkled on my lips and face. I was blessed at that moment with the precious gifts that I help others with. Whether it was God or some other entity that God sent, it doesn’t matter.  The Spirit Whisperer had come to visit blessing me with my beautiful positive psychic energy. It became my calling. After 5 years in 1985, I left the corporate world to become a full time psychic. I have helped many many people since then. I love the work that I do. It is my passion. I am blessed.

Thank you neighbor, and you know who you are. YOU ARE BLESSED! Do not ignore your insights and abilities. You have them for a reason. You are  indeed powerful. You will be invited more and more into the psychic world. Be prepared to start seeing more beautiful messages from spirit. Love and Light to you. xoxoxo