I am learning a great deal about dreams by watching Denise Linn’s facebook videos. When you go to bed tonight, activate your dream shield. Visualize this dream shield around you. Now set the intention and say something like “Tonight it is my intention to receive  important messages from my Angels, and it is my intention to remember these messages and to also remember my dreams”. Then go to sleep and dream on. I have been receiving a lot of very powerful dreams every night which I write down. It is important to write down your dreams in as much detail as you can. I know from years of experience that if you write your dreams down everyday for a week, your dreams will eventually form a story and come true. There are many dream dictionaries out there, but I  believe our dreams are very personalized and can only be interpreted by the person who has the dream. Writing it down helps us to uncover the truth about what is really going in our minds while we sleep. Try it…..it’s awesome, and it works! Every night, I have powerful and intense dreams.
Augus 5-12, I will be attending the Gateway Dream Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This course will be given by Denise Linn, an amazing past life regressionist, dream expert, dream coach, soul coach, etc. This is a certification course to become a Gateway Dream Teacher and Life Coach, which I know will enhance my business and teachings. This is the first time that she is doing this certification course in person. It is usually an online certification course. Did you know that you can program your dreams to bring in a soul mate or to heal blockages and obstacles in your life? In this course, we will learn about Lucid Dreaming, and how to change the outcome of certain situations and dreams while we are in the dreams during the time we are sleeping and so much more.  In this week long course , we are even going to Astral Travel to eachother every night. Can you imagine Astral Traveling to your future soul mate, so that you can meet them in spirit before you meet them in the physical world? I can’t wait to give on line classes.

I am going to be incorporating all of this and more in my psychic love sessions with all of you through phone and email, plus I have some pretty strong goals to start some online psychic parties,

 dream circles , study groups and  more and to incorporate what I experience and learn into the work that I do for all of you.