Pink is the color of universal divine love, and it is connected to our Heart Chakra (4th Chakra).


Wear & Surround Yourself With Pink If you want more of the following in your life:





Calm And Peaceful Feelings






To Feel More Feminine (softer pinks)

To make yourself non threatening to others.

Playfulness (hot pink)



Tenderness (light pink)

Alleviates Friction (hot shades of pink)



To be more approachable, available and attainable

 Purchase A PINK POWER Reiki Healing Package using the energies of the color pink for cleansing and healing your heart chakra.

Surrounding myself with the energy of the color pink fills me with the energy of divine love. Since wearing the color pink, I am much more mellow when it comes to men and relationships. It wasn’t until I moved to the nudist resort in July  of 2003, that I was able to express my deep passionate love for the color pink and truly express my pink personality. Soon after I moved to the nudist resort, I purchased a prebuilt condo. I went all out and purchased wall to wall hot pink carpet and decorated my house in lots of pink. I also have a pink golf cart and a hot pink car.The only part of my home that is not pink is my office where I use the colors of green (prosperity) and purple (spirituality).

The Persona of me as the PINK CHICK has been unfolding since I moved to the Pasco County Nudist Community in 2003.  I had my car painted hot pink in May 2012 and it then exploded into my business.

All my Reiki Distant Healings are done with the Pink Light Of Pure Divine Love and my Reiki Attunements are sent to you in a giant pink chi ball.

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