I remembered a small but very important tidbit of my dreams when I woke up Thursday morning very excited to see what 2017 brings me. I programmed my dreams with my sleeping and dreaming angel and the angel of prosperity.  In my dream, I was passing out bottles of wine in their gift carrier packages with 2017 on them.  Yes, I am going to have a lot to celebrate.

Last night, I programmed my dreams with my blessed turkey feather (by Denise Linn), which I have on my dream alter. It has the spirit of an Indian whose name is The Wonderer. The Wonderer is on my dream alter, and I asked him to make sure I slept through the night. I strongly felt my soul mate in my vibration before I went to sleep last night, so I also  asked for my soul mate to connect with me in my dreams. I woke up this morning with a very interesting dream. I dreamed that I have  an AT&T cell phone (which I do). For some reason, it was not charging properly in certain areas. A man was giving me advice on what to do or what plan I should have. I knew I was going to have to buy a new phone in order for it to be charged properly, and I knew I was going to have to pay $185 to get a new phone.

My own interpretation of my dream last night is showing me that I am still in the somewhat disconnection mode and isolating myself romantically; however, I am aware of it, and I am striving to change it. It has been a couple of years since I have been involved with anybody. Sometimes, for me, it is easier to be alone; however, another part of me strongly desires  the intimacy and closeness of connection. In the dream, I am moving toward clearing up the obstacles in front of me.  It feels like in the dream that there is a man who is waiting for me to move toward him when I am ready. I feel ready, but the dream suggests that I might not be 100% ready.  I am a work in progress.

Angel number 185 is telling me that the changes I am making in my life right now in my life as a direct result of programming my dreams will have a positive effect on my financial situation (which I am already seeing).