Two nights ago, I programmed my dreams for prosperity by asking Archangel Ariel to work with me in my dreams to deliver messages to me regarding my prosperity consciousness.  I also asked Archangel Chamuel to help clear up some blockages. About 13 years ago, while sitting on my couch, I literally saw and felt the energy of money leaving me. It freaked me out, and that experience has been on my mind ever since.  My dream two nights ago was that I was playing with a tiny pink dog. After awhile, I realized that this tiny pink dog wasn’t real. As I was leaving (probably that state of mind), someone told me that the tiny little pink dog loves to receive money and to please send some.  I believe that the tiny pink dog was me, since I am known as the PINK CHICK for loving the color pink so much. It meant that my negative beliefs about money are fear based and are not real.  Well if they are not real, it is time to let them go. The other part of the dream I had was that I was around a lot of people with an English accent, and I was looking for a hairdresser. This seems to coincide with a dream I had exactly one month ago on July 27.


Last night I programmed my dreams for receiving prosperity and for continuing to get rid of my negative beliefs about money. I have  always had this intense fear of running out of money even though I have enough money. I asked Archangel Ariel, Archangel Michael and even Goddess Lakshmi (Hindu Goddess Of Wealth) to work with me in my dreams this time. Usually when I wake up, if I don’t remember my dreams, I lay very still and ask that whoever I worked with that night to help me remember.  The dream always comes back to me. This morning, before asking, I jumped out of bed to go to the bathroom; so this time, it took awhile for it all to come back, but I finally remembered what I was supposed to remember.

There are many books and websites out there with universal signs and symbols for our different dreams. It is my experience that we as individuals must develop our own meanings and symbols for our dreams. Programming our dreams leads to better understanding of them. After all, we all have our own individualized dream fingerprints.

In my dream, I was asleep. I was unexpectedly awakened by a dark haired girl named Mattie who came into my bedroom from the outside from my sliding door in my bedroom, which turned out to be unlocked. In the dream, she actually came through a number of sliding doors to my bedroom (all unlocked), and some of these sliding doors were made of rubber.  I jumped out of bed, and I was wearing my favorite fun and brightly pink  summer dress with my black heels (which did not match). I was embarrassed that I was fully dressed, and that I had gone to bed that way. With everything unlocked and her bursting in unannounced it felt like I had been exposed and that she could see through my soul.  It felt like she could see through the facade of layers of hidden insecurities and fears,  I could no longer live in that facade. I told Mattie to go in the other room and visit my mother. She had been in the house before. It felt like she came to tell us something important-to deliver a message of significance.

In the second part of the dream, I was talking to my mother on the phone, and I thought that I saw water leaking through the ceiling and the walls. When I told her that, I immediately realized that it was only my imagination and that water was NOT leaking through the ceilings and walls.  I am interpreting  that my beliefs and fears about money is not really how it is. It is all manifested in my mind.

From these dreams, I am realizing that not everything is as it appears in my mind. A lot of my issues and beliefs about life and money stem from my childhood having to do with my mother. I do not feel protected financially, and that is the feeling I have had within me, since I was a child. Yes, I was well cared for; but in my family I was always made to feel like there was never enough. I have carried that feeling throughout my lifetime.  The doors being unlocked means waking up from my fears and insecurities. It got my attention. I have always felt like everything and everybody that I love (including money) would be taken away from me (by my mother).  I believe that Mattie  is either my mother represented as invading my space in my dreams or representing my inner child wanting to heal from the fears and insecurities. My deepest darkest hidden fears about money  and myself are leaking out. My fear facade cannot be covered anymore.

I could be on the verge of a breakthrough. Time will tell……