It is finally here. I booked Tony Robbins Date With Destiny Thanksgiving weekend Thanksgiv ing weekend oneyear ago. I had attended Unleash the Power Within November 2013, in New York. What a powerful experience it was for me. I had a major AH HA moment when I realized on that Saturday at the event that noone but ME had control over my life, my loves or my finances. Until then, I was very fearful of having whatever I loved taken away from me. I blaimed it on everyone but myself. This AH HA moment occurred right before Tony Robbins took a giant squirt gun out and started squirting everyone in the audience with water.  He was soaked by the end of the night by others who throw water at him. It was like being in a rock concert.

I could have done Date With Destiny in Palm Springs last year in December, 2013, but I felt  it was way too soon after the powerful experience I had with ULP in November of 201.3  I knew I needed to wait.

 In two days, I will be taking the one hour flight from Tampa to Boca Raton Resort for this 6 day seminar. I am very excited. I am well aware of the work I have to do on myself. Everyone who attends Date With Destiny has to fill out pages and pages of a very detailed questionnaire on where we are at in our life, significant events in our life that shaped us (good or bad), and what we want to get out of Date With Destiny.  I am quite clear of what I would like to see come out of this event. I have had a very intense cough for weeks now, but I am not going to allow it to stop me from going. I am not sick. I am just trying to recover from an ending to a very short lived relationship, and it has shown up as a cough . I am afraid that my emotions got the best of me. Time to release.I am in Group 15. I cannot wait!


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