pinkballsYOU KNOW you are a Divine Sexy Goddess because YOU FEEL within the very depths of your soul that you are beautiful, sensual and sexy, and you feel connected to your heart. It is a feeling inside of you that you cannot deny. You believe it and so you are. As a result you radiant with your Goddess energy as if you are a shining star. Others can’t help but see that inner radiant divine goddess within you.

As a psychic and reiki master, I am dedicated to awakening the sensual and sexy Goddess within you and to embracing your Sacred Feminine energy, Repeat this powerful affirmation  just for YOU the Goddess in training. For maximum results, choose ONE affirmation and repeat the affirmation for at least 1/2 to 1 hour a day everyday WITHOUT skipping a day for a few weeks and then watch the magic unfold.

I AM Goddess unleashed. I AM Sexy. I AM Sensual. I AM beautiful. I AM adventurous. I AM daring.

I AM freeing stimulating and awakening the sexy goddess within me.

Oooh la la! I found my sexy!