When I heard the news on facebook about Robin Williams committing suicide by hanging himself, I was absolutely dumbfounded and shocked. How desperate could someone be to kill themselves. I believe within the very depths of my soul that if someone commits suicide, they don’t resolve their karmic issues in this lifetime and that they will come  back in their next lifetime trying to resolve their same issues. I have never been depressed like that, so maybe I don’t understand. I had a friend who committed suicide, because she was thinking in the future to when she got old. She was healthy, happy and in love, but she was also afraid it wouldn’t last and that she would be a burden SOMEDAY.  Her death made no sense to me or her friends and family.

To be honest with you, I NEVER knew about Robin William’s depression and his drug problems; however, when I would see him on TV on an interview, I would yearn to “see” the inside of him and to really know him from the inside out not from the outside looking in. I had trouble watching his movies, because deep down in my gut my instincts told me that he was hiding something and that something was very very deep and dark inside of him. It bothered me each time I saw him. Each time, I would say to myself “Let me see YOU Robin Williams”. I never shared this with anyone until now.  I couldn’t put it into words until yesterday. His hidden secret was depression. I think he must have been bipoler with his crazy comediac manic behavior. He was a genius though, and their will NEVER be another comedian like him. God put him on this earth for a reason-to touch people’s hearts minds, bodies and souls.  He was meant to be. If only HE knew that. My heart is very very sad right now for him and his family.

I remember so clearly when he burst onto the scene on the show Happy Days. The camera men were laughing so hard that the cameras were shaking. Then came the spin off, Mork and Mindy. Oh how I loved that show.

Jim Carey is as crazy as he is, but I didn’t feel that way about Jim Carey. I just have never liked Jim Carey’s comedy.

Robin Williams, I hope you and everyone is laughing in heaven now. You are finally at peace now. xoxoxoxo